Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Read Tony Long

I'm not a reader of Wired magazine, and haven't been since the 1990s, when their breathless hucksterism for technology was the rage. I can never forget their "Long Boom" issue of 1997, when they predicted that the stock market would continue to grow, and that the world was entering "25 years of prosperity, freedom and a better environment." I'll give them credit for leaving that embarrassment on the web, but then and now, Wired specializes in technology carnival barking, and I, for one, will pass on the freak show.

Except that I've just stumbled across a host of jeremiads written by their copy chief, Tony Long. The latest concerns laptops in higher education. Tony's screeds are terrific. Tony is the rare technology aficionado unimpressed by utopian pronouncements and possibilities. And he's a good writer. So you might want to check him out, even if he's hidden in the bowels of Wired.

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